Jared Karon, also know as Jungle man Jared, founded Jungle P.L. in 2016. He then went on to partner with his supplier Innovative Inks. His purpose is to, help other companies tell there story's through custom products. 

On this site you will find, the most popular products to print on. The objective is to save you the time and hassle. There are hundreds of blank products on the market. We have done you the favor and narrowed down the list in order to get you the products people want. 


We have focused on two product groups. These groups include classic and new school fits. If there's a product that you want that does not appear on this site, we can get it! To look at our extended product list, click this link http://www.innovativeinks.com/apparel-accessories/

For any question or to get a full quote, send Jared an email at jared@innovativeinks.com